Dealing With Gun Control Pros And Cons

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The purpose of discussing gun control pros and cons is to weigh them and decide which side is stronger, enacting a stronger gun control law or continuing with the present system. But it appears that this exercise stops at the level of a lively gun control debate and does not transform into action plans.

Let us start listing the gun control pros and cons. In this short article, I will deal with only a few essential gun control facts and gun death statistics that are most relevant to decide whether the argument in favor of stronger gun control laws is sustainable. We can deal with only gun control pros and cons and not the extraneous arguments made out by anti gun control lobbies like the National Rifles Association (NRA). When the NRA has indicated that it will not accept any compromise on the issue, it is doubtful whether it will be willing to look at the gun control pros and cons objectively. We have to conclude that the NRA may be only a lobbyist group and not a political organization as it claims to be.

While gun control pros and cons should include only gun control facts and gun crime statistics , the NRA and its supporters rely more on rhetorical statements. For example, they object to any restriction on gun ownership on the plea that the right to own guns is given by the 2nd amendment and that it cannot be taken away by any other law. They not only ignore a simple principle that any law is subject to changes but also the fact that the people who were behind the 2nd amendment had no legal education. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in making changes in the provisions of the law without hampering its fundamental spirit.

Listing the gun control pros and cons should necessarily involve gun death statistics like about 60 per cent of homicide crimes being committed using firearms like guns. Another information that should also be covered is that homes that have guns could prove dangerous to women and children residing in them, since statistics show that the incidence of gun death of women and children is high in gun owning homes.

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